Am I really a Home Ec Reject?

9 Apr

The answer is “No”.  You see, I never actually took Home Economics.  I had the opportunity during Junior High but opted to take Metal Shop for a few weeks before transferring into student government.  I have to say this was one of my more stupid decisions in life.  1) because I did not go into politics or government and knowing Robert’s Rules of Order really hasn’t taken my places & 2) If I had stayed in Metal Shop I would have at least come out knowing how to make transistor radio.

Why didn’t I take Home Ec?  That is an easy answer- My mom wanted me to take it so I didn’t.   Yep, my ‘tween age rebellious self has ruined me.   Note to self:  when daughter has the opportunity to enroll in Home Ec I will strongly encourage all the other choices so she doesn’t end up like me.

It really wasn’t a problem until about seven years ago.  I could do basic cooking (kinda- I still have trouble boiling an egg) and sewing (straight seams, button repairs… easy stuff).  But then I had a family!  A family that doesn’t consider cereal to be a satisfactory dinner.  One that doesn’t want to rotate eating spaghetti and bean burritos for dinner nightly.  And children!  Children who only eat foods that are beige and can’t buy clothes “off the rack”.

I have spent the past few years kicking myself for my foolish decision some 20+ years ago.  Thankfully YouTube exists and I have taught myself how to do quite a few things.  I am also becoming quite the cook book critic.  We are a tough crowd at my house so if the book includes more than one recipe that involves lamb, asparagus, veal, those little cabbage thingys or kale  it is a waste of space to add it to our shelf.  There will be much more regarding the dilemma of cooking for an exceptionally picky family- especially when you are missing most of the basics.


2 Responses to “Am I really a Home Ec Reject?”

  1. Bill April 13, 2012 at 7:12 PM #

    Put egg(s) in pot, add cold water to cover by about an inch, turn on heat to high and pay attention to pot, when it reaches a rolling boil lid the pot remove from heat and set timer for 8 minutes, after 8 minutes remove egg(s) to bowl filled with ice water (this is called an ice water bath), wait about 5 minutes to peel and eat, or remove and store in fridge. See how simple that is. It’s even easier if you have an electric kettle which turns itself off when it reaches a boil.

    • Home Ec Reject April 14, 2012 at 4:24 PM #

      Thanks for the info. For some reason it is not a lack of knowledge but ability to execute. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I only do it once a year.

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