Welcome all, watch out for the mess.

9 Apr

Hello there and welcome to my blog.   I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but have been stuck on where to put the focus.  Should it be about my family and our adventures, or about something specific or another niche.

Most of my friends have blogs related to their special Martha Stewart like skills or they use it as a place to rant.  I wanted something a bit different.  I am definitely not the Martha Stewart type.  Instead I usually try not to cook because, frankly I am not very good at it.    And then it hit me… this is my niche.  There are a dime a dozen fancy pants foodie and family sites.  But I sure have a hard time finding a site about those of us whose skills are not domestic.

I do try to keep up with my fancy pants domestic goddess friends.  But I try to cheat, you will find quite a few of my “halfway homemade” attempts on here.  I also frequently have major disasters happen when trying to cook, sew, clean or do other home & family related projects.  I will spins some yarns about past epic failures and current tales from the trashcan.  Every once in a great while, I actually succeed.  I will be logging my winning attempts too.  Lastly, I will include general things of interest and other items I find amusing for the good of the group.

Thanks for reading and please leave lots of comments.


PS- Part of my real job is writing.  In the past I have had to do tons of  “technical & clinical” writing so the blog is also an exercise for me to practice writing in a more conversational and storytelling tone.


One Response to “Welcome all, watch out for the mess.”

  1. Susan Herman April 16, 2012 at 2:24 PM #

    y’know, I find egg boilage to be a challenge too. And I like to cook; in fact I’m pretty darn handy with knives and veg and spices and whatnot. But for some reason, eggs. I make them underdone so that they spill out of the shell when I begin to crack it. Or overdone, with that ugly blue layer around the yolk. Or the shell and membrane decide to hold on tenaciously to the white so that when I finally finish peeling I’ve got eggs with smallpox scars. In those cases even running a thin stream of water over the egg while cracking doesn’t help. Yeah.

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