Not everything I touch is a disaster

13 Apr

I do have some successes, every once in a while.   I actually had one today.  You see, one of my favorite sandwiches is from a bakery about two hours away.  My job requires me to commute to one of our other offices about once or twice a month.  I had to make the trip and fight the Bay Area traffic earlier this week.  I also got a chance to have a PB and Stuff sandwich from Specialty’s.   It is a unique sandwich- chunky peanut butter, bananas, green apples and cranberry sauce on their amazing bread.  I think it makes the commute worthwhile.  Well- not really, but it does take the sting out.

This brings us to today.  I asked the hooligans what they wanted for lunch and got the standard answer of PB&J from both of them.  Just to let you know, they eat PB&J’s just about everyday.  It is a horrible day in our house if we run out of any of the ingredients.  As I was drudging off to the kitchen to make their standard lunch trying to figure out what I was going to eat, it hit me.  I have ALL the ingredients to make a super duper cool PB&J for me to eat!

I proceeded to slice my Granny Smith apple very thinly, slice my nana into long slices, and spread my all natural PB on my gluten-free bread.  I did have to substitute grape jelly for the cranberry sauce.    After putting it together, the ninja hooligan actually requested that I add the apple and banana to his sammy.  The princess hooligan turned her nose up at it and refused to eat at the same table.

I was actually pretty impressed by the results.  It wasn’t exactly the same but it was pretty darn close.  The crunchy tang of the apple and the smoothness of the banana both complement each other and the peanut butter.  I just wished I had good chunky peanut butter, not the weird stuff the hubs grinds up in the natural foods section of the grocery store, and cranberry sauce.


My version of the best sandwich in the world!

I am actually really excited about this success, it means I can have yummy sandwiches on a regular basis not just my long commute days.


3 Responses to “Not everything I touch is a disaster”

  1. Reyna Hamilton April 13, 2012 at 8:41 PM #

    Wow! I LOVE your blog….its as if I were next to you and you were telling me the story!
    Another great sandwich steal is Boudins pear, fig jam, brie cheese sandwich….so delicious and EVEN I could replicate it!

  2. Laura Meehan April 14, 2012 at 3:03 PM #

    Sounds yummy, and GF too! I’ll have to give it a whirl.

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