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What Happened in May

31 May

No, I was not captured by zombies.  I was not buried beneath a pile of laundry.  I was working.  More than usual.  To a point of exhaustion.  That is what happened in May.

Right now you might be saying “Come on, Home Ec Reject!  You are a working mom isn’t that the case every day and what does this have to do with your blog?”.  Hold on for a minute and I will get to it.

I spent the past month training camp program staff on various enrichment topics, one of them being cooking.  I know, me facilitating trainings on how to cook with our youth.  I know, it sounds like someone was off their rocker the day that project was assigned.  I like to think of it like a cooking version of this Chris Farley skit.  “Kids, don’t end up like me and only knowing how to make spaghetti and quesadillas.  Start now!”.  I have actually been training on this topic for many years including how to do cooking projects with youth when you don’t have access to a kitchen and a child friendly version of Iron Chef.

I do have to give props to my co-worker and friend Shawna from Pretend, Party & Play.  She is a party planner by day, domestic diva by night and in her spare time helped me out.  She did the hard stuff and wrote the curriculum, I just facilitated the training.  I can say that I sure did learn a lot.  Who knew there were so many uses for herbs?  (Umm, everyone else but me).  If you have a chance, check out her blog.  She makes really cute mini appetizers that are heads and tails above my ability level.

Well, that was my month of May.  I hope your May treated you well.


The time I made “Cake Soup”.

2 May

I think I was 10, maybe 12, and I decided to make a cake.  It shouldn’t have been too hard.  It was a cake mix.  All I really needed to do was add eggs, water and oil.  The recipe called for 1 cup of water so I added a cup of water.  I put it in the oven, set the timer and went about my business.  When I came back to check on my cake it still hadn’t firmed up.

Oven temperature same as the box- check.  Reset timer-check.  Let’s try this again…..

After some significant time and various attempts to fix the situation, I asked for help.  My cake was just a big pan of soup.  I followed the recipe, it should have worked.  What went wrong?  As I was showing my mom everything my error became obvious.

And that is the day I found out there is a difference between a cup- as in a drinking glass and a measuring cup-the kitchen utensil.

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