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Epic Fail in the Housekeeping Department Results in Win for Healthy Eating

25 Aug

Disclaimer:  There may be a bit of griping in this post~sorry!

A bit of back story…
The Hubs is a student and has the summer off. My job requires me to be super busy during the summer. Typically he takes on the household duties like laundry and dishes in addition to watching the hooligans and making dinner. This summer was a bit different. For some reason, the dishes kept getting overlooked. I did them for the first month but about 4 weeks ago I went on dishes strike. It turns out he did too. Every once in a while, one of us will give in and do a load, but when you have a back log it really doesn’t make much of a dent.

This leads to tonight’s conversation…

Hubs:  What should we have for dinner?

Home Ec Reject (HER): Dunno! We have some salmon in the freezer we should probably eat.

Hubs: What should we have with it?

HER:  How about one of the box o’ pastas we have in the cabinet?

So with a plan on making salmon and pasta for dinner I went into the kitchen to make dinner.

Challenge #1:  The grill pan was not in the cabinet. Dang! It must be somewhere in the mountain of dirty dishes that has grown from the sink.

Challenge #2:  Box o’ pasta selected but wait, there are no clean pots in the cabinet either. They must be the base of the mountain because I can’t see them.

Solution:  Salmon cooked in foil and steamed rice using the rice cooker. Add some microwaved frozen veggies and we have a healthy meal! How the heck did that happen?

PS-  I served the meal on paper plates.  I just couldn’t add any more to Mt. Dishes.  Sorry about that environment!


And the award for worst school lunch goes to…

17 Aug

School started for us this week.  We are back in the swing of homework, early wake ups and one of my least favorite things- packing lunches.  I really wish my kids would eat hot lunch.  My oldest hooligan only eats beige foods and the younger copies what the older does.

As much as I wish I could say I am one of those mothers who packs all organic snacks, hummus & veggies, and free range rotiseiere chicken sliced and wrapped in whole grain tortillas- I’m not.  I have to admit I send my kids to school with a sack of high fructose corn syurp, partially hydogenated soy bean oil, enriched flour, and let’s not forget about all the preservatives in the deli meat.

I have tried the healthy stuff.  It just comes back, all warm and squished.  So when the goal is to make sure calories go in the game plan changes and you get this.


Mmmm! How’s that for some processed foods!

The current lunch of choice is a meat and cheese sandwich (one likes white meat, or turkey to the rest of us, and the other likes dark meat, or roast beef), chips, a drink pouch, and some kind of treat.  This week they chose Zingers but then decided they didn’t like them.  Now, I am making them S’Mores out of grahams, Nutella, and  marshmallow creme.

What do you pack in your child’s lunch?

Happy National S’More Day!

8 Aug

August 10th may be the actual National S’More day, but in our family EVERYDAY is S’More Day!  I have talked about our love of S’Mores before the last time we made S’More Sandwiches.  I will be celebrating S’More day with my daughter at “Just the Two of Us” Girl Scout Camp and then again as a whole family once we return.   I kind of find it fitting that we will be at GS camp were we are guaranteed to have S’Mores at one of the campfires and, rumor has it, they were first created by Girl Scouts in 1927.

We take S’Mores very seriously in our family.  Below is a list of some of our top recipes and combinations- in no particular order:

  • S’More Sandwiches– Thank you Drewski’s for creating this amazing dessert
  • The Thanks-A-Lot S’More- Take two Thanks-A-Lot Girl Scout cookies, add a marshmallow, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and voile- instant S’More.  If you can’t wait for the marshmallow to melt use marshmallow creme.
  • S’More Crepes- I know, they sound so fancy.  Especially for someone who sucks at cooking.  I cheat and use Melissa’s Crepes( from the produce section).  We add chocolate chips and mini marshmallows or use marshmallow creme and Nutella.
  • PB Cup S’More- We sometimes use peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bar pieces.  The marshmallow melts the cup and blends well with the peanut butter
  • Chocolate Bars with Either Almonds or Rice Cereal- This adds a little extra crunch!
  • Candy Bar Pie- Okay, this isn’t really a S’More but it has two of the three ingredients.  I melt a chocolate bar, mix in a container of Kool Whip, pour into a graham cracker pie shell, and refrigerate until set and ready to serve.

This is how we celebrate National S’More Day.  What are your favorite S’More versions or do you prefer the classic.  Hope you take some time to give a marshmallow a roast this Friday!

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