And the award for worst school lunch goes to…

17 Aug

School started for us this week.  We are back in the swing of homework, early wake ups and one of my least favorite things- packing lunches.  I really wish my kids would eat hot lunch.  My oldest hooligan only eats beige foods and the younger copies what the older does.

As much as I wish I could say I am one of those mothers who packs all organic snacks, hummus & veggies, and free range rotiseiere chicken sliced and wrapped in whole grain tortillas- I’m not.  I have to admit I send my kids to school with a sack of high fructose corn syurp, partially hydogenated soy bean oil, enriched flour, and let’s not forget about all the preservatives in the deli meat.

I have tried the healthy stuff.  It just comes back, all warm and squished.  So when the goal is to make sure calories go in the game plan changes and you get this.


Mmmm! How’s that for some processed foods!

The current lunch of choice is a meat and cheese sandwich (one likes white meat, or turkey to the rest of us, and the other likes dark meat, or roast beef), chips, a drink pouch, and some kind of treat.  This week they chose Zingers but then decided they didn’t like them.  Now, I am making them S’Mores out of grahams, Nutella, and  marshmallow creme.

What do you pack in your child’s lunch?


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