A note to afterschool staff

16 Oct

This week Light’s On Afterschool is being celebrated across the nation. This is a day to celebrate and advocate for before and afterschool services.  Over the past few years as a school age parent we have used a variety of afterschool services- from school age care, to specialized classes and even school sponsored clubs.  The one thing that we know we can count on is that afterschool programs will be available to them and that we are fortunate.  Light’s On Afterschool is also a day to advocate for programs and services to keep schools open and accessible to children and families after the school bell rings.   As a working mom, I want to take a moment and celebrate the amazing work of a great group of people.

Dear Staff,

Thank you for all that you do.  While I could rattle of a list of thank you’s for the obvious things like having a safe & supervised program, providing healthy snacks, helping them with their homework, and so on and  so forth.  What I am really thankful for is the little things that I don’t think are always recognized, so here goes my list of what I am thankful for.

  • Thank you for understanding that we have a non-traditional schedule and for being willing to work with us.
  • Thank you for always saying “yes” when I ask if I can drop them off in the morning because I have a last minute, early meeting even though that is not our typical schedule.
  • Thank you for having an open door so when emergencies come up the kids know they are always welcome at the program until one of us can come get them.  
  • Thank you for being a part of the school.  Seeing you at carnivals, back to school nights, etc reassures me that you are connected with the school. 
  • Thank you listening to me when I have a concern or a special request and following up, it shows me how much you care. 
  • Thank you for giving my son an extra snack to share with his sister on the days he is picked up before she is released.  While this may seem like nothing to you, it shows me you care about fostering kindness- even if it isn’t reimbursable.
  • Thank you for creating a cohesive group of kids.   I cannot count the number of times we have been out and about and a “big kid”  comes running up to my two and gives them a hug or shouts a loud  “Hi” across the grocery store .  When I ask them how they know each other, it comes back to you.
  • Thank you for hiring staff who make memories.  Every car ride home entails a detailed list of of what Mr. X said that was hilarious or the crafty project they made with Ms Y.  The staff don’t just make the program fun for my two, the staff are the program.

What I am trying to say is thank you for being you.  You make a difference and your small actions may a big difference!


A mom

If you too use a before and afterschool program for you children, why not take time this week to say thank you to the program staff.   They deserve every bit of gratitude and much, much more.


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