Tonight’s Project- Eyeball Pajamas

27 Oct

Today was “Fleece Fest” at my local fabric store.  I feel the need to reenact a moment from earlier today.

Me:  I am going to go buy some fabric because it is “fleece fest” and I need fleece for some projects.

The Hubs: FLEECE FEST,  OMG, how did I not know that.  Of course you have to go to FLEECE FEST.  I heard KORN is playing this year at FLEECE FEST (insert his imitation of a squealing teen age girl.)

Me: Shut up, I will see you later.

When I arrived home and showed off my collection of warm and fuzzy fabric, the son started pulling out my sewing machine and box o’ supplies.  He was very insistent that we start making some PJ’s ASAP- and he was going to help.  I have made him pajamas in the past.  I usually make him a pair whenever I make my daughter a skirt.   I am not good with actual patterns so I tend to rely on video tutorials and blogs for my sewing patterns.  I found this easy PJ tutorial and have done it enough now that I have renamed the project eyeball pj’s because  after the “use a current pair of pj’s” I tend to eyeball the hem, waistband, etc.

This process usually works pretty well under the proper conditions: hooligans in bed, plenty of time, and something like Hell Boy or Underworld on the TV to entertain the hubs.   Today’s conditions couldn’t even be classified as penultimate.  I made the mistake of trying to sew while watching the game (good thing my seam ripper was handy), in a condensed time frame before dinner, and with lots of help from the little dude.  It is very hard to sew when Mario Andrete Jr is “driving” the sewing machine-vroom, vroom noises included.

After today, I may need to get my eyes checked, or actually start measuring and pinning things.  The pj’s are a bit catawampus.  The right leg is a tad bit shorter than the left.  They make him look like he is waiting for a flood.  All that really mattered was he was happy.  He was thrilled “he made his own pjs”.  Good thing they are just for sleeping in and no one else will see them!


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