Happy 13th to Us!

3 Jun

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary.  It’s not the most exciting of numbers like a 0 or a 5.  Not so new that it is cute or so large that it is awe inspiring.  But still, in the current world 13 years of marriage isn’t something to scoff at.  I decided that this year would be a good year to a highlights reel.  Here is my lucky list of 13 top moments & why I still love my husband!

(In no particular order)

1)      He makes me laugh.  I mean really laugh, the kind of laugh that may cause you to snort.  He manages to do this pretty much on a daily basis.  The current laugh is about a fictional person named Wiggleybottom Humperdinck.

2)      One time when we were on a car ride from San Diego to Turlock, CA in a car with no radio, he sang old cartoon theme songs from LA to Bakersfield.

3)      He makes me things.  Sometimes they are odd things.  Like these sign holders I needed for a work project.

He made these for me based on a random whim I had.

He made these for me based on a random whim I had.

4)    He cooks AND cleans.

5)      He talks to the TV.  Yes, I know there are a lot of people that do that but he does it in a special kind of way.  Like when he is watching Finding Bigfoot or Ancient Aliens and his disproves their theory with a more ridiculous theory. EX  A doll that cries is put in the woods to attract a female Bigfoot.  His comment “That will never work.  A pack of wolves will find the baby first and raise it as their own”.

6)      He taught me to drive a manual.  This is a pretty amazing fete, as my dad, grandpa, coach, and others have tried but failed in the past.

7)      Immediately after our wedding, he agreed that the best thing to do would be to take a nap and then go get hamburgers.  Not the most romantic thing, but we were both happy.

8)     He DVR’s our shows when I am out of town and then saves them until I get home.  One time, because of this  he ended up watching Twilight part 3 and texting me his commentary the whole time.  Best text highlight of the evening “I think wolf boy just peed on the baby”.

9)      He makes up some of the best games for the kids.  Including tracing their bodies on cardboard and printing our the faces of comic book villains to paste on the cutouts or creating quests based on the Deltora Quest series for the kids.


10)  He thinks he is being funny and changes the ringtones on my phone to be something annoying, like this one.  Little does he know that I usually keep it on vibrate unless I am at home.  In which case, he is the one that gets annoyed by it first.

11)  He has his Doctorate in Evil.

Call him Dr. Evil

12)  He secretly loves to watch Downton Abbey.

13)  He let me plan a family vacation to Dollywood, which included one of the best family photos ever, the opportunity for me to trigger the biggest water explosion ever on the Rapids ride, and the chance for him to buy the coolest belt ever-It now lives at my work as the Championship Belt of Awesomeness.

Here’s to another happy 13! and many more….


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