Pencils-writing utensil, inexpensive gift, or deadly weapon?

31 Mar

I recently went on a trip to Columbia State Park. It is a great place to go in Northern California. It is a living history park that takes you back to time of the the Gold Rush. We did out gold panning (more like iron pyrite panning), dipped candles, made a stop for some fudge at the Candy Kitchen, and then hit up the gift shop. While there I saw a twig pencil that was made into a slingshot. Pretty cool- my son would absolutely LOVE this. Give him a Y shaped stick and a rubber band and he will make his own slingshot. So I picked up three of them. Life has taught me if I am going to arm my son I need to equally arm my daughter… and one for me because it was cool.

Fast forward to being at the house. It is raining and the kids are slingshotting peanut M&M’s at each other trying to catch them with their mouths. It’s a good thing I was recently re-certified in First Aid. The palm hit my forehead as I said “What was I thinking, OF COURSE they were going to use them against each other!” Parenting fail!

Exhibit A:  The pencil in question

Exhibit A: The pencil in question

But then I remembered that four years ago my brother and sister-in-law brought my son a super long pencil back from one of their many trips. At first he used it like a walking stick, but within minutes he was wielding like a Jedi Knight. The pencil went on top of the fridge. Every once in a while it comes down, gets used for homework, is used to attack his sister, and then goes back up on the fridge or the top shelf in the closet.

Then I remembered a story my husband tells about why he doesn’t wear shorts. If you look closely he has a piece pencil lead in each thigh. Why, in one grade a kid sat next to him on his right side and one day stabbed him in the right leg with a pencil. The next year, the same kid sat on his left and stabbed the left leg. Tough school!

So a note to my future self… stop buying pencils as gifts.

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