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Epic Fail in the Housekeeping Department Results in Win for Healthy Eating

25 Aug

Disclaimer:  There may be a bit of griping in this post~sorry!

A bit of back story…
The Hubs is a student and has the summer off. My job requires me to be super busy during the summer. Typically he takes on the household duties like laundry and dishes in addition to watching the hooligans and making dinner. This summer was a bit different. For some reason, the dishes kept getting overlooked. I did them for the first month but about 4 weeks ago I went on dishes strike. It turns out he did too. Every once in a while, one of us will give in and do a load, but when you have a back log it really doesn’t make much of a dent.

This leads to tonight’s conversation…

Hubs:  What should we have for dinner?

Home Ec Reject (HER): Dunno! We have some salmon in the freezer we should probably eat.

Hubs: What should we have with it?

HER:  How about one of the box o’ pastas we have in the cabinet?

So with a plan on making salmon and pasta for dinner I went into the kitchen to make dinner.

Challenge #1:  The grill pan was not in the cabinet. Dang! It must be somewhere in the mountain of dirty dishes that has grown from the sink.

Challenge #2:  Box o’ pasta selected but wait, there are no clean pots in the cabinet either. They must be the base of the mountain because I can’t see them.

Solution:  Salmon cooked in foil and steamed rice using the rice cooker. Add some microwaved frozen veggies and we have a healthy meal! How the heck did that happen?

PS-  I served the meal on paper plates.  I just couldn’t add any more to Mt. Dishes.  Sorry about that environment!


I Actually Melted the Table

30 Jul

Yes, you read that correctly MELTED the TABLE. I bet you are wondering how I managed to do that. It was a sheer accident. I know, that was obvious. Like anyone would actually melt a table intentionally.

It all started when smoke came pouring out of the microwave. I grabbed a hot pad and pulled the smoking item out of the oven and ran with it outside. I plopped it on the table while the hubs got the hose and doused the smoking item with water.

After a bit of kitchen CSI we figured out what happened. I forgot to put the water in the Easy Mac cup and the noodles turned to smoking charcoal brickets. LESSON LEARNED: always add water to the Easy Mac BEFORE you put it in the microwave.

During the final clean up stage we found this melted spot on the table. A permanent reminder to always follow the recommended directions.

My first kitchen disaster

9 Apr

Well, I really wasn’t cooking.  There were no pots and pans involved.  No stove or oven.  But it was the first time I mixed ingredients together and it did not turn out well.

A friend of mine and I were playing with Play-doh in the kitchen area of my mom’s apartment.  We decided to mix the Play-doh with Lemonade Kool Aid.  Do you know what happens when you do this?  It turns to a nasty mush.  So gross that it actually ran off of our plastic mat and into the carpet (really who puts carpet in a kitchen).

What I can remember from this event is:

  1. I got in a lot of trouble that day
  2. wet Play-doh & lemonade is hard to get out of carpet
  3. the above listed wet mess will eventually dry into a large crusty mess that isn’t any easier to get out of carpet

From that day forward we had a purplish-grey hard spot in the kitchen carpet.  This should have been an early warning that I shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen. EVER!

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