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Tonight’s Project- Eyeball Pajamas

27 Oct

Today was “Fleece Fest” at my local fabric store.  I feel the need to reenact a moment from earlier today.

Me:  I am going to go buy some fabric because it is “fleece fest” and I need fleece for some projects.

The Hubs: FLEECE FEST,  OMG, how did I not know that.  Of course you have to go to FLEECE FEST.  I heard KORN is playing this year at FLEECE FEST (insert his imitation of a squealing teen age girl.)

Me: Shut up, I will see you later.

When I arrived home and showed off my collection of warm and fuzzy fabric, the son started pulling out my sewing machine and box o’ supplies.  He was very insistent that we start making some PJ’s ASAP- and he was going to help.  I have made him pajamas in the past.  I usually make him a pair whenever I make my daughter a skirt.   I am not good with actual patterns so I tend to rely on video tutorials and blogs for my sewing patterns.  I found this easy PJ tutorial and have done it enough now that I have renamed the project eyeball pj’s because  after the “use a current pair of pj’s” I tend to eyeball the hem, waistband, etc.

This process usually works pretty well under the proper conditions: hooligans in bed, plenty of time, and something like Hell Boy or Underworld on the TV to entertain the hubs.   Today’s conditions couldn’t even be classified as penultimate.  I made the mistake of trying to sew while watching the game (good thing my seam ripper was handy), in a condensed time frame before dinner, and with lots of help from the little dude.  It is very hard to sew when Mario Andrete Jr is “driving” the sewing machine-vroom, vroom noises included.

After today, I may need to get my eyes checked, or actually start measuring and pinning things.  The pj’s are a bit catawampus.  The right leg is a tad bit shorter than the left.  They make him look like he is waiting for a flood.  All that really mattered was he was happy.  He was thrilled “he made his own pjs”.  Good thing they are just for sleeping in and no one else will see them!


Cloth Napkins Make Everything Fancy

9 Sep

This past Christmas I decided I was giving homemade gifts to family members.  I blame this on a few different things, family members are hard to shop for, I like stressing myself out, I needed an excuse to make a standing 2+ week mess in my kitchen, and most of all Pinterest!

At least I was semi-realistic in my ideas.  I decided to give the same gift of formal size cloth napkins, only personalized by the fabric choice.  For my cat loving aunt- a cute cat print.  For my grandma with a turtle pond- turtles.  For my dad who loves going to Hawaii & lives for Jimmy Buffett concerts- surfing Santas.  The list goes on and on.  As my husband said at the time “Nothing says fine formal dining like surfing Santas”.

I tried to make a set using a pattern similar to this for mitered corner napkins.  I realized it would take past Valentine’s Day for me to finish all the family members if I continued with the mitered corner pattern.  I then found a double sided napkin pattern similar to this.

The gifts turned out pretty snazzy.  Family members at least pretended they liked them.  I have heard of a couple of sightings of them actually being used too.

The other thing that came of out this project was quite a bit of scrap fabric.  It wasn’t enough for me to make formal napkins for my family.  Instead I made smaller sized napkins that we use for snacks and such.  Since Christmas we have added Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s print napkins to the tiny napkin collection.

Wow, typing this up has made me start thinking.  I should start planning NOW and get to crafting if I want to make homemade gifts again.

My Crooked Quilt Collection

16 Jul

I suck at more than just cooking.  I am also an utter failure at general house keeping -hence the limited pictures of my domicile.   I can proudly say, that  for the past 8 years I have been working on my sewing skills and  I am starting to see some improvement.

I grew up around people who sew- my mom and aunt were quite the seamstresses.   My mom used to sew quite a few things for us- swimsuits, costumes, and of course there was a lot of hemming of pants (I am 5 feet 2 inches and she towers over me by a good inch).  Recently, I was able to pass down some dresses my aunt made for me to me daughter.  But I cannot honestly say that my recreational sewing started with them.

It actually started with a co-worker who was quite the quilter.  I was looking for a hobby and was inspired by her work.  That Christmas I asked for a sewing machine and all the stuff that goes with it.  Later, I found out that these items are called notions. (Really-notions, who thought up that word.  I still call it my sewing crap).

I decided to start with a quilt.  Was I smart and chose to go with something easy like a 9 patch pattern—nope.  I went with something similar to this.  We had a cat, we had plenty of wall space to hang a decorative quilt and really, what could be so hard about cutting and sewing some squares, rectangles, and triangles together. Oh man was I wrong.  It became very apparent very quickly, that I cannot cut straight to save my life.  I am also very challenged at measuring.  As you can see from the final results.

This is proudly displayed in the exercise room. Where nobody can see it.

I decided the best thing to do was try again with something a bit easier.  This time I stuck to a basic patch pattern.  While I was cutting and sewing my second attempt, I kept thinking to myself.  “This is working, I can’t believe how straight this is, everything is lining up.  When I was done, I laid the quilt and voila!  Well at least this one was crooked but going in the same direction.

No matter how hard you try to straighten it, it just won’t stay.

My third and final quilt is one of my straighter quilts but that was because I had some help.  I enlisted the hubs who has a much more technical background.  He did most of the measuring and cutting and then stood over my shoulder and was for foreman for straight lines, watching to make sure everything stayed together. With two people working together, end result was a quilt that was straight enough to show other people… and a of squares that are upside.  Oops!

I hope my collection of crooked quilts has amused you.  I will share more of my slightly off center sewing projects in the future.

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