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Quick Office Repair… Fail or New Trend-You Decide!

27 Jun

It is supposed to get pretty darn close to 100 degrees today.  My work office has a west facing window and no real protection from the sun.  On average in the summer my office temp is around 78-80 degrees.  So yes, I tend to dress for work like I am going to a backyard barbeque.  When I got dressed this morning I noticed the hem had come out of one leg of my shorts.  Normally, I wouldn’t really care, but 1) it was really obvious- like one hem was a whole inch longer than the other and 2) it was tickling the back of my knee.  I tried to do a quick repair job and re-activate the old heat bond with my flat iron.

That worked long enough to give me confidence that it would hold all day.  By the time I got to work, the hem had “un-bonded”.  I checked my office drawer and I was out of my usual hem repair product, double stick tape.  I considered stapling the hem in place but the fabric is kind of wonky and I was afraid it would rip.  What to do, what to do!  Well, I pulled a MacGuyver and used some paper clips to hold the hem in place.

WHAT- how tacky can you be?  I used FANCY paper clips-so there!


See, the blue one almost blends in!

I am hoping this catches on as an new trend in women’s work wear.  Just think, you can always be ready to collate a stack of papers.


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