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Pencils-writing utensil, inexpensive gift, or deadly weapon?

31 Mar

I recently went on a trip to Columbia State Park. It is a great place to go in Northern California. It is a living history park that takes you back to time of the the Gold Rush. We did out gold panning (more like iron pyrite panning), dipped candles, made a stop for some fudge at the Candy Kitchen, and then hit up the gift shop. While there I saw a twig pencil that was made into a slingshot. Pretty cool- my son would absolutely LOVE this. Give him a Y shaped stick and a rubber band and he will make his own slingshot. So I picked up three of them. Life has taught me if I am going to arm my son I need to equally arm my daughter… and one for me because it was cool.

Fast forward to being at the house. It is raining and the kids are slingshotting peanut M&M’s at each other trying to catch them with their mouths. It’s a good thing I was recently re-certified in First Aid. The palm hit my forehead as I said “What was I thinking, OF COURSE they were going to use them against each other!” Parenting fail!

Exhibit A:  The pencil in question

Exhibit A: The pencil in question

But then I remembered that four years ago my brother and sister-in-law brought my son a super long pencil back from one of their many trips. At first he used it like a walking stick, but within minutes he was wielding like a Jedi Knight. The pencil went on top of the fridge. Every once in a while it comes down, gets used for homework, is used to attack his sister, and then goes back up on the fridge or the top shelf in the closet.

Then I remembered a story my husband tells about why he doesn’t wear shorts. If you look closely he has a piece pencil lead in each thigh. Why, in one grade a kid sat next to him on his right side and one day stabbed him in the right leg with a pencil. The next year, the same kid sat on his left and stabbed the left leg. Tough school!

So a note to my future self… stop buying pencils as gifts.


Just Sharing…

26 Sep

Finding Balance

“Work me” wrote this little ditty.  I thought I would share it with y’all.  With all the hype about “leaning in”, super moms, etc sometimes I find it good to remind myself that raising kids is a marathon not a sprint and that the best thing I can do is focus on finding balance, in their lives, our family life, and mine.  (The last one seems to be the hardest to do, at least for me).

Please, share your thoughts and ideas on how you find balance.

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